Treatment Philosophy

There is indeed hope! We can change our lives, heal old wounds, and change patterns of behavior that no longer create value and often lead to negativity and hopelessness. With the right tools, you can learn to cope with emotional and physical pain and stop the suffering.

My goal is to facilitate the changes you seek. I am able to combine warmth and empathy with a very active and direct approach to help you have positive change allowing you to feel better and improve your quality of life. My focus is results-oriented and my job is to directly provide you the feedback and skills you are looking for.

My belief in healing is to help facilitate your own ability to see and experience yourself differently and help give you the tools to accomplish these changes in yourself and in your life.

I create a personalized program of treatment for each patient that best addresses your individual issues and goals in the most effective and supportive manner. As a psychologist, I believe that both the Mind and Body should always be considered as one integrated whole. My treatment approach is based on this philosophy of healing and finding balance.